Thanks Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival

I screened In Place Out of Time at this tremendous film festival. Thank you to the organizers of the festival and the women filmmakers in attendance. I was inspired by you all! And thanks to Kristen Akens for this article:



Thanks Free Range Film Festival!

This is my all time favorite festival because it takes place in a barn! I also love the north country of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Jaime and Dena, my fabulous cousins, joined me.

The film's broadcast debut on KRWG-TV

For those of you in the Las Cruces, NM area, tune into KRWG-TV for the film's broadcast debut! July 12 5:00pm and July 16 8:00pm.


Winner of Best Short Documentary at White Sands International Film Festival!

Thanks for all who turned out at the festival and for your tremendous support!


May 2 at 12:30pm, Join Us at The Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, NM


Next Stop: White Sands International Film Festival in Las Cruces

April 24, 7pm and April 26 at 1pm. Please join us!


Join us at the Fountain Theatre in Mesilla, NM : March 28 at 1:30pm

Saturday, March 28, at 1.30pm- The CineMatinee will be a special event featuring two hour long documentary films about two New Mexico artists, by two women filmmakers as part of the Mesilla Valley Film Society’s year-long 20th anniversary celebration. The films are: In Place Out of Time (2008, 45 minutes) and Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World- (2002, 55 minutes). Tickets will be $10/$5 and will include a reception, visits with both filmmakers, and also with Sonny Hale, the subject of In Place Out of Time.



Thanks Big Sky Documentary Film Festival!

The Big Sky of Montana graciously welcomed the Big Sky of New Mexico as seen in In Place Out of Time. Thank you for a terrific time!
a blog post from the festival


THANK YOU Farmington, NM. January 22 and 23, 2009

Thank you to Justin Hunt, The Northern Exposure Film Series, and The Totah Theater for welcoming us to Farmington! We had a tremendous time and enjoyed sharing In Place Out of Time with you.


Next Stop: Santa Fe Film Festival!

We're thrilled to be an official selection at the Santa Fe Film Festival! Please join us for our screenings on Thurs, Dec. 4 at 2:15 PM and Saturday, Dec. 6 at 4:45 PM. Details about time, location and tickets can be found here:

Pictures from Premiere and NM Screenings

Jan Haley introduces Embree, Erin and how In Place Out of Time came to be

A full house for the premiere in the Community Center in Hillsboro

Embree's family in Hillsboro

Embree signs a dvd

Erin and Embree during the Q and A in Truth or Consequences, NM

Embree and Erin's family and friends celebrating at the Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque

"You look like someone out of an old Western...one of the handsome good guys." Mr. Hale and Mr. Wayne at the Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque

Embree with movie poster

Embree and his sister Mary

Erin, Embree and a big screen in Albuquerque

Embree's grandson, Martin, and friend look at Embree's photos

Next Stops: Grants and Santa Fe

Please join us in GRANTS Friday night and SANTA FE on Saturday afternoon!

Grants: Friday, Oct. 17, 6:30p.m. NMSU-Grants, Martinez Building Theater, 1500 3rd St. Student films made in the NMSU-Grants Creative Media Program will introduce the screening. Presented by The NMSU-Grants Creative Media Program.

Santa Fe: Saturday, Oct. 18, 4:00p.m. The College of Santa Fe, NEW LOCATION***TIPTON HALL****, 1600 St. Michael's Dr. Presented by The College of Santa Fe Documentary Studies Program and The Moving Image Arts Department.


Thank you UNM and Albuquerque Academy!

We had two special nights of sharing the film at UNM (thanks to the Cinematic Arts Department and the Department of Landscape Architecture) and the Albuquerque Academy (thanks to the Visual Arts Department and Community Academy). We also screened the film to 8/9th graders at Albuquerque Academy who asked the best questions yet!

Thank you to all who came and shared our film with us. Here are some of your comments:

"A fantastic local story - the film is imbued with a spirit that is deeply New Mexican."
"Wonderful historic perspective of our past"
"Touching story about a man with a passion."
"Serenity and timelessness in a world that is too fast, too loud and too immediate"
"The film reminded me that I have been neglecting my quest recently. I will do better."
"It touches the humanity and the truly meaningful values of life."


Thank you Truth or Consequences, NM

We screened the film in T or C - for one of the Sierra Art Council's Thursday Movie Nights. Thanks to all who joined us and who have stuck with us and supported Embree's quest and the movie making process!

Las Cruces Screening - a packed house!

Embree and I received a very warm welcome in Las Cruces. Here are some of the responses from last night:

"Enjoyable, educational and just plain fun."
"Made me proud of New Mexico and the people in it."
"Captures the spirit of New Mexico."
"It was majestic and an inspiring film"
"VIVA New Mexico!'


article in Las Cruces Sun-News

Here's a link an article in Las Cruces Sun-News:


Hillsboro Premiere: a night like no other!

Embree and I are buzzing from the premiere! The Community Center was packed with our friends and loved ones to celebrate our film. Thank you, Hillsboro, our families, and friends for it all! Here are some of your comments from last night:

"A beautiful depiction of life and people in this area, it made me appreciate ever more the life we lead here."
"A magical portrayal of our friend."
"I was moved to tears many times."
"It captured something rapidly disappearing - not the petroglyphs, but a spirit that existed for so long, that indescribable way that film can communicate."
"It captured the essence of Embree and New Mexico."
"A piece of history saved and loved"
"I hope the world can see it."
"I think it's wonderful that there are still real people left on this earth."
"Extraordinary film capturing place, character and reality. Wonderful subtle humor and narrative depth."
"Authenticity. It goes straight to your heart."
"The screening was an amazing gathering of the people of Hillsboro and surrounding communities."
"This film is wonderful in that it is pure New Mexico. It documents a true New Mexican doing what he loves and is made by a New Mexican filmmaker."
"Magnificent film about an inspiring human being screened with warmth, engagement and sensitivity with the audience."


a message from Bob Shipley : from The Hillsboro Community Center to the town of Hillsboro

Most if not all of you know by now that Erin Hudson will be showing her documentary of Embree Hale Friday evening October 3. This is likely to be one of our most popular events so far this year and I expect a packed house. So if you want a seat, come early, maybe even wait in line for the doors to open. It's entirely possible that there will standing room only for late comers.

Here is the program for the evening. It includes live music by the Electric Campfire Orchestra, the group that provided some of the music for the movie. You will also be able to view and purchase up to 30 of Embree's petroglyph photographs as well as buy copies of all of Erin's several DVDs. Furthermore, we will have refreshments including freshly popped corn, just like at the real movie houses.

In Place Out of Time
*October 3, 2008
7:00 P.M.*
*Hillsboro Community Center*
7:00 P.M. Welcome and introductions
7:15 Show the movie ‘In Place Out of Time’
8:30 Questions and Answers
8:45 Music performed by the Electric Campfire Orchestra
Refreshments provided by Dianne Bellack
Public review and sales of Embree Hale’s petroglyphs photos
Sales of Erin Hudson’s several DVDs including ‘In Place Out of Time’

C U there.
Bob Shipley



July 2008

I take a break from editing (I'm entering the fine/final cut of the film!) and join Embree and his grandson, Martin, to search for petroglyphs on the West Mesa outside Albuquerque. Martin is a tremendous young man - following his grandfather's footsteps - he's interested and compassionate about the world around him. What a treat to be back outside under the sun looking at rocks!

June 2008

I've been conducting test screenings of the film to fellow filmmakers, friends and family. What a joy to share a work-in-progress version of the film - finally! I also showed it to renowned rock art researcher and archaeologist, Polly Schaafsma and her husband, Curt, and was pleased with their reaction! For more information about Polly's work: CLICK HERE


March 2008

My friend and filmmaking buddy Ben Wu joins the film as co-editor. I am thrilled to have his perspective and sense of story grace this film. Ben and I made a short film in graduate school together called Unhitched. We were surprised and overwhelmed to receive a Student Academy Award for the film. I was not surprised when Ben won a second Student Academy Award for his film Cross Your Eyes and Keep Them Wide a year later. Ben is a tremendous filmmaker.

January 2008

Team In Place Out of Time grows! Nancy Coombs, a student at Santa Fe Community College, takes on the task of outreach and begins designing a website for the film. Jeremy Moran, a student at the College of Santa Fe, joins as post-production intern. I am delighted to have them both join this project!


November 2007

We received the news this month that In Place Out of Time receives the New Visions, New Mexico Award New Visions Awards for 2007 securing the post-production costs to complete the film! It's time to hunker down and begin post production.

August 2007

I was asked to make a $99 Special Film for Slamdance film festival. Because I'm living in Hillsboro, I figure I should make a short film here. I join together with my pals Jan Haley and Steve Siegfried and we make a short 7-minute film about the Hillsboro post office called 88042. A “love letter” to the town of Hillsboro. VIEW 88042

Summer 2007

Summer 2007, I decide to invite the town of Hillsboro and my friends for four Friday nights in July to view selects of the work-in-progress documentary about Embree. Warm summer nights, chirping evening crickets and the wonderful residents of Hillsboro make the screenings very memorable. I am thrilled to open up the filmmaking process to the community that is supporting Embree, his quest, and this documentary project. And there's nothing better than watching movies outside!

March 2007

The Hillsboro Community Center hosted a presentation this month for me to tell the town about the documentary. I showed a clip of footage I had already shot of Embree, a few of my short films and answered questions about the documentary process.

Summer 2007

Embree is written up in the El Paso Magazine. Great press for him! And a terrific article by Cheri Pearson.

February – August 2007

Erin and Embree are in production, both with their cameras, Embree capturing petroglyphs, Erin capturing Embree.

February 2007

Finally the moment has arrived. With the support of Jan Haley and the town of Hillsboro I move to Hillsboro and begin production of In Pace Out of Time. Thanks to Carol and Fred & Arlene for letting me stay in your homes!first%20hillsboro%20screeing_revised.pdf


After visiting Hillsboro and becoming interested in Embree's story, it takes me a year to finish my graduate degree in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University and complete my thesis film, Long Haul, about women long haul truck drivers. My dream is to return to New Mexico and work on film projects in my home state. But I figured I should get more experience in the "real" world first, so after graduation I became the Director of Photography for the film Circus Dreams and traveled around New England following a big top circus made up of teenagers. After that I decide return to my beloved home land.

Summer 2005

I visit Hillsboro, NM for the first time and have lunch with Jan Haley and Embree Hale at the General Store. Embree took me to a petroglyph site and I immediately got hooked into the story and was even more intrigued by Embree’s quest and his life. I left Hillsboro hoping I would return in the future. Next time with a camera!

Winter 2004

Winter 2004, on a rainy day in California, I read an article by Slim Randles about Embree in the New Mexico Magazine. I became curious about Embree, his petroglyph quest and the town of Hillsboro. To be honest, I also really longed to be back in the sunny land of enchantment. I also soon discovered that Jan Haley, who is mentioned in the article, is a friend of my mom's. I meet Jan soon after that and we both agree, it's synchronistic and meant to be!