a message from Bob Shipley : from The Hillsboro Community Center to the town of Hillsboro

Most if not all of you know by now that Erin Hudson will be showing her documentary of Embree Hale Friday evening October 3. This is likely to be one of our most popular events so far this year and I expect a packed house. So if you want a seat, come early, maybe even wait in line for the doors to open. It's entirely possible that there will standing room only for late comers.

Here is the program for the evening. It includes live music by the Electric Campfire Orchestra, the group that provided some of the music for the movie. You will also be able to view and purchase up to 30 of Embree's petroglyph photographs as well as buy copies of all of Erin's several DVDs. Furthermore, we will have refreshments including freshly popped corn, just like at the real movie houses.

In Place Out of Time
*October 3, 2008
7:00 P.M.*
*Hillsboro Community Center*
7:00 P.M. Welcome and introductions
7:15 Show the movie ‘In Place Out of Time’
8:30 Questions and Answers
8:45 Music performed by the Electric Campfire Orchestra
Refreshments provided by Dianne Bellack
Public review and sales of Embree Hale’s petroglyphs photos
Sales of Erin Hudson’s several DVDs including ‘In Place Out of Time’

C U there.
Bob Shipley


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