Hillsboro Premiere: a night like no other!

Embree and I are buzzing from the premiere! The Community Center was packed with our friends and loved ones to celebrate our film. Thank you, Hillsboro, our families, and friends for it all! Here are some of your comments from last night:

"A beautiful depiction of life and people in this area, it made me appreciate ever more the life we lead here."
"A magical portrayal of our friend."
"I was moved to tears many times."
"It captured something rapidly disappearing - not the petroglyphs, but a spirit that existed for so long, that indescribable way that film can communicate."
"It captured the essence of Embree and New Mexico."
"A piece of history saved and loved"
"I hope the world can see it."
"I think it's wonderful that there are still real people left on this earth."
"Extraordinary film capturing place, character and reality. Wonderful subtle humor and narrative depth."
"Authenticity. It goes straight to your heart."
"The screening was an amazing gathering of the people of Hillsboro and surrounding communities."
"This film is wonderful in that it is pure New Mexico. It documents a true New Mexican doing what he loves and is made by a New Mexican filmmaker."
"Magnificent film about an inspiring human being screened with warmth, engagement and sensitivity with the audience."


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