Thank you UNM and Albuquerque Academy!

We had two special nights of sharing the film at UNM (thanks to the Cinematic Arts Department and the Department of Landscape Architecture) and the Albuquerque Academy (thanks to the Visual Arts Department and Community Academy). We also screened the film to 8/9th graders at Albuquerque Academy who asked the best questions yet!

Thank you to all who came and shared our film with us. Here are some of your comments:

"A fantastic local story - the film is imbued with a spirit that is deeply New Mexican."
"Wonderful historic perspective of our past"
"Touching story about a man with a passion."
"Serenity and timelessness in a world that is too fast, too loud and too immediate"
"The film reminded me that I have been neglecting my quest recently. I will do better."
"It touches the humanity and the truly meaningful values of life."


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